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All sketches are original production sketches. I usually scan only one sketch of the set, or I only have one sketch of the set. I do mention when I remember "set" if there is one. At times I purchase the douga or genga and a while later am able to get my hands on the other douga/genga of the cut which is reason you might see more then one scanned sketch of the set. It's only because I didn't purchase them together.
All characters represented on this page in graphical format belong to the companies which created them. Their companies hold the copyrights to their images. All images on this website have been personally scanned or photographed by me. Please do not take any images, text or anything else from my website without my written permission.

 Shiba Kaien aka arrancar Aoroniero Arruruerie Eps. 155 / Genga Set

 Bleach - ブリーチ - Shiba Kaien aka arrancar Aoroniero Arruruerie Eps. 154 Genga/douga set

 Bleach - ブリーチ - Shiba Kaien aka arrancar Aoroniero Arruruerie Eps. 154 / Genga Set

 Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Eps. 145 / Genga Set

 Shiba Kaien Eps. 154 / Genga Set

 Kurosaki Ichigo Eps. 29 / Genga

 Young Kira Izuru Eps. 34 / Genga Set

Curator: Kata
Gallery Created: 2/17/2002
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