Kata's favorite links


Kata's Sale pages - My Sales Pages on webs.com!
Katana's Edge Anime Cel Gallery - My main site with anime cels and my Kenshin collection.
Katana's Edge Sale pages - My page where I list my items for sale.

Anime-Beta Awards - Every year there is an Anime Beta Awards contest. In this contest is where any and all Beta members are welcome to submit artwork in certain categories to be rated by other. It's a fun contest!

Anime-Beta Sketch Awards 2013
Anime-Beta Cel Awards 2013
Anime-Beta Cel Awards 2011
Anime Beta Sketch award 2011
Anime-Beta Cel Awards 2010
Anime-Beta Sketch Award 2010
Anime-Beta Cel Awards 2009
Anime-Beta Sketch Award 2009
Anime-Beta Awards 2008
Anime-Beta Awards 2007
Anime-Beta Awards 2006
Anime-Beta Awards 2005

Auction sites I check

Anicyo - Auction site.
Anicyo Lotto - Lotto
eBay.com - Web auction site I frequent check
Mandarake INC - Auction site and regular sales site.
Yahoo Japan - Japanese auction site I frequent visit.

Deputy Service - Deputy Service's that help you bid and/or buy from Japan from sites that wont sell/ship to overseas. I can't vouch for all, but this is a list of deputies that are available out there.

Akibado - Deputy Service
Anime Dep. - Deputy service
ccMelon - Deputy Service
Celga - Deputy Service
Crescent Shop - Deputy Service
Japan Auction Center - Deputy Service
Japamart - Deputy Service
Masato Internet World-Wide Service - Deputy Service
MOJ: Mail Order Japan - Deputy Service
Nicofromtokyo - Deputy Service
ok!shon - Deputy Service
Otaku-Ya - deputy service
Rinkya - Deputy service
Shopping Mall Japan - Deputy Service

Forum's I visit

Animanga - First cel related forum I ever visited
Anime-Beta - One of my daily stops
Anime - Beta (net) - URL that's for now not working.
Ayamechaya - a newer forum with cel collectors.

Galleries of people I know

The Anime Effect - My friend David site. He is totally into Hentai. I've known him since 2000. ^_^
Ethereal Dust - Dustie (buddy of mine) has a great collection of cels and sketches. I love visiting her site.
Hanafubuki - joseishijin's Cel Gallery. ^_^
Ahiru no Ike - This is another site from miz ducky's. She collects Fruits Basket, but also collects a few other series. Go check her site out.
Ahiru no Ike - This is miz ducky's domain. She collects Fruits Basket, but also collects a few other series. Go check her site out.
Anime cel Incognito - Karen has a really great slayers collection. She also has other series. Take a look!
Anime Jewell - She has about everything and anything imaginable. Definitely a favorite stop of mine. She is a very nice person.
Christy's Cel Gallery - Great Gallery! I love her Sailor Moon collection.
Eternal Wings of Hope - This is "buttrfly"s Gallery. Awesome Ayashi no Ceres collection.
Favorite Anime Cel Gallery - Want to see a Gallery of a Neji fanatic obsessed over Neji then this is the place to go. Also the other selections like Kenshin, Samurai Deeper kyo and many others in this Gallery are outstanding. Oh not to forget the Kurama/YuYuHakusho collection
GoldKnight's Cel Gallery - Angela has a great collection from various shows. Take a look!
Hoodies & Raindrops Cel Gallery - This is Shampoo's new site that she shares with her other half. ^_^ Great Collection! Take a look!
Hotaru Designs - Great graphic design offering. Check it out!
ISL Anime Cel Collection - ISL has some awesome cels, but sadly at this time not visible to see. I hope one day ISL will add again a few of her cels online to drool over. ^_~
Jenn's Cel Gallery - Some awesome Kenshin cels along with other series.
Jenn's Cel Gallery ( personal - This is Jenn's cel Gallery out side of Rubberslug. I love her collection and her site design is really nice.
K's collection - K. has the absolute most amazing Kenshin collection I have ever seen. One of my absolute favorite Galleries to visit.
kamidake.com - Julie has a really nice collection of cels and sketches, but also does art's herself. Please visit her site.
Key's Anime cel Gallery - Great Gallery to visit.
Marz Collection - This is GB's great anime cel Gallery.
Mei's Little World of Cels - Personal domain of theirs! Various series. Please take a look at their collection
Micke's Cel Gallery - Micke has an awesome Kenshin collection. Great person and a friend of mine.
Mei's Little World of Cels - Various series. Please take a look at their collection
Otakusin: Sinfully Delicious C - This is Sin's cel gallery with an awesome Tenshi ni Narumon collection, but also other series. *_*!!
Project-RX Gallery - Ryo is a great guy to talk to. His collection persists out of Gundam, Rurouni Kenshin, Berserk, Slam dunk, Hunter x Hunter and many l other series.
Pudge's Cel Gallery - Great Gallery! Nida has a great collection from cels to Sketches. Awesome!
Quinta Essentia - This is Crystal's Gallery. I love her collection and am especially in love with her art style of her art she paints. @_@
RalphVboy's Cel Paradise! - Ralph has a very nice collection. I especially love his Kenshin cels and his tenten sketches. *_*!!!
Sinfully Delicious - This is Sin's own domain. I love her collection. *_*!!!!
Spoon's World - This Gallery belongs to Spoon

Frequent cel stops of mine

M'Chan's House of Goodies - M'Chan Gallery of cels and sketches.
Hajimenokizu's Sincerely Tang - Love Kizu's Collection! Especially her Kenshin collections. ^_^
Crimson Chaos - jmann an acquaintance of mine. I love her Rurouni Kenshin collection, and of course the rest of her collection is awesome. ^_^
Gecko Blue Cels - This is Tex-chans RS gallery. Love her collection. ^_^
Gyllick - Wen-chan's Cel and sketch Gallery. ^_^
Stem Cels Gallery - Miss Z has some very nice cels and sketches. I am especially visiting her Saiyuki and Harukanaru Toki no Naka de collection a lot. ^_^
Isshoninaru Galleries - This site belongs to Zerospace and yoshito
Sky Rat's Cels - Sky Rat's Cel Gallery has some great cels. I love her Weiss Kreuz and Fushigi Yuugi (Chichiri especially)cels. Take a look! ^_^
Luna-Art Cel Gallery - An absolute amazing Sailor Moon Cel Gallery. A must to stop and see. ^_^
Anime Cel Depot - I just love their Mirage of Blaze collection and not to mention the Outlaw Star Gene to die for. *_*!! .
Anime Online Art Gallery - This is Misa's and Casey's Gallery with lots of series! Especially like their Macross and Gundam Collection!
A Little Cel Remedy - Remi has a awesome collection. I especially love her complete Kenshin collection. She also has Orphen and Ayashi no Ceres cels to die for.
Anime Cel Collector - This is Alex's site. Some awesome cels are in that gallery.
Another Cel Junkie - Emily just an absolute awesome Kenshin collection and I love visiting her site. ^_~
Atiya's Cel Gallery - Atiya has a awesome collection of several series. Check her site out!
Baakay Gallery - Kay has a really great collection.
Baylor Dark side Domain - Great collection, especially like the SDK and Trinity blood and not to forget the Naruto collection
Bonbee Cel Gallery - Old time Japanese collector. I absolutely love their Gallery
BYCE - Byce?... but it's call - Kath has one amazing Gallery of Weiss Kreuz and lots of other goodies. Visit her site. It's amazing.
Capricious Garden - *falls over dead* I just love those Sasuke Reproduction cels.
Carol's Nuriko Shrine - Love Carol's Kenshin collection. Great collection of other series as well. ^__^
Category F - This is Vitani's Cel Gallery, she mainly collects cels from Gundam X, but also has several other series as well. She is a good friend of mine. Please check out her site.
Cels of Doom - Nice collection! I especially love the Hayato from Project ARMS in their misc section.
Celmansion - Laura has some great Ordian, Nazca and Generator Gawl cels. She also has some awesome Vampire Hunter D cels and lots of other series.
Chris' Cel Site - Great Gallery, especially the Urotsukidoji cels.
Collection Mall special - Collection Mall special Seisouhen cel site
CutieBunny's Coven - Great Sailor Moon GAllery along with a few other series. She has my Dream YUE cel from CCS. (http://cutiebunny.rubberslug.com/gallery/inv_info.asp?ItemID=233849)
Drac's Blackhouse - this is drac's cel gallery.
Drakonia's Cel Lair - Beautiful Gallery with lots of Series. I especially love her Samurai Deeper Kyo collection. ^_^
Evilminion Gallery - Cindy got one awesome collection. Visit her site. ^_^
Gallery of the Cel Hunter - Great cels. Lots of Blue Gender cels, Generator Gawl and so on, plus in misc section some really nice cels. Especially the one called "a tad windy"
Glorff's Hidden World - Wondering why I visit that gallery? Absolute awesome collection of Rurouni Kenshin, X and Shadow Skill cels.
Golden Dawn - Very beautiful Nightwalker collection. Tara is also a friend of mine.
Gowa City Cel Gallery - I love the Gasaraki cels in their collection.
Graymouser's Gallery - This Gallery has some absolutely amazing cels, sketches, background and rilezu in it. A lot of eye candy.
Gundam-club - Some awesome cels!
Isotype-Newtype.com - This is Vitani's or also called keepers Homepage. Some great info on seiyuu and anime. Great cel collection as well.She is a good friend of mine.
Jcrave-Anime Production Art - Very nice collection. Various series.
John's Cel Gallery - This is one of my favorite stops for Shadow Skill cels. I just love this collection.
Jibunrashiku Anime Cel Gallery - D. has a great collection from Gintama, but also Cowboy Bebop, Gasaraki, Loki, Tactics, Trigun, Gunadm Wing and others.
Jerry's Anime Cels and sketch - Lots of series! Some great cels. check his site out.
Julie's Cel Gallery - Take a look at her Gallery. I love her Gasaraki cels
KageNeko's Frozen seconds - Sonja has a great collection of different anime titles. Take a look!
Kelly's Cel Page - Nice collection of Escaflowne, tenshi ni narumon and others
kitty in the house - This is Leigh's Gallery. Sadly she hasn't updated the site in forever and I don't think she is still collecting. :( She had one awesome collection.
Kitten's Cel Gallery - Great Kenshin collection. ^__^
Lma333Gallery - Amazing collection. Check it out!
Liana's Cel Gallery - Liana has a awesome collection from Naruto. Go check her site out.
Marmeladgirl Gallery - This gallery has some absolutely amazing kenshin cels. *_*!! WOW
Maverick Anime Cels - This is Dave's Gallery. I love his Urotsukidoji collection. Awesome collection.
Moko Moko Gallery - Gallery with Tenshi ni Narumon, Clamp, DragonBall, Naruto, Lupin and many others
Maiken2051 - Awesome Cel Gallery. Lots of different series.
Monkeyboys' anime collection - Why do I visit this Gallery? Because he has one of the best Project ARMS collections out there, and of course I like the rest of his collection, too. ^_~
Naruto freaks Gallery - I just love this collectors Naruto repro collection @_@
One Moment of Magic - This is one awesome Gallery with FY, TnN, Shadow skill, GTO and much more. Love that collection!
Oni Hime's Palace of Delights - Birdie got a great collection. I especially love her Kenshin collection. @_@
picture perfect - One Gallery I've been visiting for many years. Amazing Fushigi Yuugi Gallery.
picture perfect - One Gallery I've been visiting for many years. Amazing Fushigi Yuugi Gallery.
Paper or Plastic? - Baylor got a stunning collection.
Project Mayhem - Great Gallery! Love the GAwl and Kenshin, but also the Sin and Wild Arms. Just amazing.
Renee's Cel Gallery - One of my favorite Galleries. Love the Kenshin's, Gawl. Beserk, Gundam Wing, and several other series. Great Gallery to visit.
Rheytarian's Anime Alcove - Olivia has many beautiful cels in her collection. I am especially fond of her Kenshin collection. ^_^
Serenity's Cosmos and other A - This is Jennifers Cel gallery. She has one great collection. I especially like her RK collection. ^__^
Shadows on white - I just love Rekka's BTX collection. Awesome! ^__^
Shellie's Gallery - Great collection! I love her Rurouni Kenshin collection as well as her other series.
SME's Cel collection - This is SME's cel collection. Great GAllery of Sailor Moon cels.
tenzink cel Gallery - Great Gallery! Especially like the Trigun collection.
The Zone - This is Tex-chan's cel Gallery. Love to visit her site. ^__^
Titania's Bower - Awesome collection from various series.
Twist of Blue - She has the absolute best Kenshin Collection that I know of.
Teggacat's Cels - amazing collection of Naruto. some nice Samurai Deeper Kyo sketches and fancels and Rilezu and some nice Kenshin cels.
To Protect to the End - Great gallery. I especially love the Rurouni Kenshin collection.
wELCOME cONSUMER - WC is a very nice person. Great collection of several different series.
Wendy's Cel Gallery - Absolute love her Weiss Kreuz collection.
Wndrkn's Anime Cel Gallery - Very nice Gallery! I especially love her Kenshin collection.

Shopping sites and such

Anime-Gambit - One of my favorite dealers.
Bonbee - Bonbee has been many years around with collecting and selling cels.
Cel - Akadot Retail
Anime Cel.com - Great cel dealers. Love doing business with them! ^_^
Bonbee Sales - A site that sells cels. Great old time dealer.
Anime Taro - Welcome back Anime Taro. Lots of cels, sketches and more for sale. ^_^
Animanga cel shop - Very large site with cels for sale
Animaxis - A great site for lots of anime titles and items for sale. They also carry cels and especially very nice Hanken cels.
Anime Cellar - Site that sells offical Rilezu cels.
Anime Cel Box - Dealer with cels.
Animegame - One of my favorite cel dealers
Anime Ed - One of my favorite cel dealers
Anime-Link - Great cel dealer.
Anime Museum - Great site to shop for cels.
Anime Shop Navi - List of shops in Japan
Anime Stuff Store - Anime stuff to buy. Great site!
Animetime - Dealer with cels
Anime World Star - Japanese sales site that does sell overseas. Great selection of cels.
Asylum-Anime.com - Curt has lots of cels for sale. He also sells anime items.
D Noonchester Art - Delia has some nice cels for sale.
Gundam-club - one great collection of anime cels, rilezu and sketches. sometimes sells.
Hellen's Asian Fashions - This is Helens site with great asian outfits.
How Rilezu are made - Madoka site on how a rilezu is being made.
Kamiya-san - Seller of CG shows title sketches.
Madoka - Site that sells offical Rilezu cels.
Media Mix / Panic - Japanese seller that only sells within Japan, but has some great cels for sale.
Nichibei - David's sales site of Cels and some other item stuff.
Purple Plum - Anime store. Great items!
Rilezu - A site that lists titles and companies that make the Rilezu. Also a good source on seeing which titles do have Rilezu/ Post production cels made.
Robert's Anime Corner - Great site to shop for DVD and anime items.
Strapya-World - A Japanese cell phone strap, toy and accessory superstore
The Deep Archives - American Animation art

Personal Links

Kata's Twitter account
Kata's Facebook - Great site for finding friends, family and much much more. For me I'm stuck on playing several games. LOL
AnimeCons - Convention schedule all over USA
In Memory of Mom - Website in memory of my mother-in-law
Kata's Dreamwidth Journal - Personal rambling and such.
Pro Wrestling site - My hometown pro-wrestling teams site.
Hairstylist champion - My 2nd cousins website.
Kata's Anime Planet Page
Katana's Edge Cel Gallery - My own domain with anime items, cels and more
Kata's DevArt - Display of my art.
Kata's Livejournal - Personal rambling and such.
Kata's "My Space" - One of my blogs.
SuperPoke!Pets - My pet! ^_^

Sites I like to visit

Usagis-house JACML
Toshio Maeda Official Site - This is Toshio Maeda official website. He is the creator of Urotsukidoji, La Blue Girl, and other Hentai series.
INKMARK Dedicated Studios - INKMARK, Mark Metz, Dedicated Studios. One of the best Tattoo Artist I personally know. ^^
C.LIJEWSKI ILLUST SITE - C.LIJEWSKI ILLUST SITE. I love her Manga and artwork. Great person! ^_^
Bonbee Kenshin cels - This is Bonbee's kenshin cel link. I just love the site and cels.
Anime Beta Awards 2008 - Anime Beta Awards 2008.
LIZZARD.NET - Lizzard used to collect anime cels and sketches, but retired. Her site now consists more now of a shrine and Escaflowne,Saiyuki and Sailor Moon.
Herbal treatments - this site lists a lot of herbs for treatments. I believe in herbs so this site shows english,german and latin names for them.
Animay - Great image gallery site.
Animesuki - Animesuki forum
Kazuya MINEKURA Official site - Kazuya MINEKURA Official site of Saiyuki, Wild Adapter, Bus Gamer and all works.
Anime Planet - Great anime site to keep track of anime and see recommendations
You know you watch to much Kenshin when you.... - Just cause!!!
Bleach Manga . com - Watch Bleach anime and more
Anime Suki
Bleach Flame
Bleach Exile - All kinds of Bleach goodies. Manga, Anime and so on
Bleach Portal - Great site about Bleach.
Bleach World - Great site about bleach with lots of goodies. ^_^
Dattebaya fansubs
Narutofan - All kinds of info on Naruto. Love visiting this site. ^__^
Paint Pixel - Some amazing pieces of art.
Saiyuki - a great Saiyuki site
Wikipedia - You need info? This site has everything. @_@

Artists of fancels and more

Keeper's fancels - This is Heather's aka keeper's fancel site
Baka Neko Fancels - She makes some awesome fancels. Great artist.
Crystal's Art pages - Crystal does some great art pieces. *__*
Kamidake - This is Julie's deviantArt page
Hyperenity - They make fancels. I never had them make any of mine, but I seen some art that was very nice.
Imitation Animation - Amy and Jenny's site! They make some amazing fancels and fanarts. One of my very favorite artists, or should I say my absolute favorite so far. ^__^
Requiem Art - Great fancel maker
StubbornMule Images - Some nice CG artwork from screencaps and other


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